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Name:Coding and Programming for the World Wide Web
Location:the World Wide Web
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Writing programs for the Web

Community Focus

This community is devoted to discussion of web development. This means programming, not web design; things like visual layout, Photoshop, CSS, color palettes, and so on are topics for a different community. (If someone wants to start a [profile] web_designers community, please be my guest...)

The following technologies are all considered on-topic for this community:
  • Programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript and the .Net family (ASP, C#, etc.)
  • Frameworks built around those languages (Rails, J2EE, Symfony, Django, Prototype, jQuery, and the like)
  • Other "ancillary technologies" often used alongside, or in support of, these languages - for example, databases like MySQL or MS SQL Server; web servers like Apache and IIS.
  • Major editors and IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studio, TextMate, and so on.

Possible types of posts for this community include — but are by no means limited to:
  • Discussions of coding techniques and best practices, including demonstrations of "how to do X in language Y"
  • News and events in the web development world — for example, conference announcements, reports from conferences that are in progress, security issues, software releases, etc.
  • Reviews and opinions about frameworks, editors, and related software
  • Requests for help in debugging problems with your own code. (Let's be honest: that'll probably be the main focus. But all the other stuff is highly encouraged, too.)


  • No spamming. Duh.
  • No flaming. Feel free to disagree with someone on a technical issue, and to debate with them about it — just keep it civil, and argue the actual merits of the case rather than just issuing insults. In particular, as this is a multi-language community, please don't insult or belittle people on the basis of which programming language(s) they use. Critiquing specific features (or misfeatures) of the languages themselves (not the people) is okay.
  • Crossposting is is okay; sometimes things are relevant to multiple communities.
  • Try to be polite, civil, and helpful.

Posting Code

You'll probably want to post code snippets here from time to time. Thomas Peri's JavaScript HTML Encoder does a fine job on languages with C-like syntax; I haven't tried it for others, but it seems fairly universal.


This community is maintained by [personal profile] kai_mactane. Check my profile if you want to know more about my experience, languages used, and so on. Feel free to contact me with questions and requests; I'm usually pretty friendly. I'm also open to suggestions for other communities to link to, and additions to the community's interests list.

Other Communities

If you're interested in web development, these other communnities may also be of interest to you:

Interests (44):

agile, agile methodology, ajax, asp,, c#,, cakephp, coding, computer programming, django, eclipse, frameworks, hibernate, j2ee, java, javascript, jquery, lamp, lamp stack, perl, php, programming, prototype, prototypejs, python, rest, ria, rich internet applications, ruby, ruby on rails, scriptaculous, spring, struts, symfony, tdd, test-driven development, textmate, visual studio, w3c, web dev, web development, web standards, world wide web
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